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As a commercial property owner you rely on the cash flow from tenants to service the debt on your mortgage, overhead expenses and payroll. Due to COVID-19, restrictions were placed on consumers and business owners by the state and city government. These restrictions drastically slowed down customer traffic causing businesses to close their doors.  This ultimately affects the property owners cashflow.

The property owners who are having problems servicing the debt on their mortgage must now make some critical decisions, either downsize their management team or liquidate some of their assets in their portfolio to offset the liability from owning a undermanaged and distressed property. Deciding on one or more of these courses of action adds a higher level of stress to the property owner. Unfortunately, the commercial property owner who is a one man shop will not have as many options in downsizing to offset the negative cashflow as a investment company with a larger team and portfolio.

Here are just a few of the issues related to owning and operating commercial real estate.....

Fines From Code Violations & Liens Pilling Up

Land Lord Headaches, Being On-Call 24-7/365!

Need To Refinance For Rate & Term, To Pull Out Cash or Balloon Note Due!

In Need of Cash Now For Rehab or Costly Repairs!

Troublesome or Holdover Tenants!

Costly Vacancies!

Property Vandalism & theft Property Security Issues!

Unforeseen Costly Property Repairs!

Frivolous Property Law Suits!

We can help by providing you with solutions to address the majority of problems facing commercial property owners.

The Solution

Above are just some of the major reasons why a person would want to sell their commercial property. 

CPBS can provide you with a multitude of solutions for your problems.  We are a commercial real estate investment company who can purchase your property as is, no repairs needed, we pay all closing costs, no realtor commissions, the closing is handled by a licensed and insured title agency or attorney and you can be assured that everything is being handled correctly. We can get you the cash you need and close quickly on your timeline if you are willing to be flexible on terms. 

All situations considered, all property types considered!

Mixed Use
Raw Undeveloped Land 

Special Purpose

 We are currently purchasing properties in select areas of Florida and Georgia but will consider all properties submitted from any location on a case buy case basis.

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